Busk Stop Application Form

Busk Stop Applications

The Kamloops International Buskers Festival takes place July 21 – 24, 2022 in beautiful Riverside Park. On average over 10,000 visitors attend the festival over the four days, providing a great opportunity to showcase your unique talent to an engaged audience.

In addition to our feature acts on the main stages, we welcome Busk Stop performers to come join the festivities. Busk Stops are designated performance spots located throughout Riverside Park in high pedestrian traffic areas, open to a variety of entertainers with acts that do not have a distinct beginning or end.

There will be 3 stops in total, with 1 being amplified. The amplified stage may be scheduled depending on the number of applicants, to ensure everyone gets time.

By submitting this application, you understand that as a busk stop performer you will be performing strictly for gratuities and are not paid by the Kamloops International Buskers Festival. Busk stops are open to all performers and will be monitored to ensure compliance with allotted time limits (45 minutes).

All busk stop performers will be required to sign up via this application and sign a waiver prior to performing at the festival.


The Kamloops International Buskers Festival wants to connect local artists/performers to resources in our community by providing memberships to the Kamloops Arts Council. 

Sign up using the link below and use coupon code BUSKERS2022 to get an individual single-year membership!

The link to sign up is https://kamloopsarts.ca/register/individual-arts-supporter-single-year/

If you have any questions, please email info@kamloopsbuskers.com