2022 KIBF Performers and more!





Uncle Chris the Clown

Learn to Busk Kids Zone

Uncle Chris the Clown is a "High-Energy" Entertainer who really gets his audience involved in everything that he does. He generates laughter and excitement whenever he performs. From the moment that he puts on those Big Yellow Glasses he'll become the character that everybody knows and loves and make you laugh.

Clinton W. Gray

Learn to Busk Kids Zone

For over 25 years, Clinton W. Gray has been blending magic, music and mayhem into high-energy, interactive comedy shows around the world. Come join him in the Learn to Busk Kids Zone and experience magic up close and personal, and who knows, you might even learn a trick or two!

Kamloops AcroYoga

Learn to Busk Kids Zone

At Kamloops AcroYoga, we love moving our bodies, having FUN, and learning new skills! Do you ever lift your kiddo on your feet? That's called bird pose, and there are lots of other fun poses you can do with your child. Join us at the Kamloops Buskers Festival on Saturday, July 21st from 1:00 to 2:00 PM in the Kids Zone for an AcroYoga workshop for kids and the cool adults in their life! We will be warming up our bodies, learning exciting partner skills, playing fun games, and just moving and grooving! This workshop will be the highlight of your weekend - we can't wait to see you there!

Marta's Tower

Learn to Busk Kids Zone

Marta's Tower: How to be a Royal (Princess Prep Mini) Meet Princess Marta from Princess Prep Summer Camp at this free Mini Session. Activate your imagination while learning royal etiquette, listening to a fairytale or two, and opening the book on what life is really like living in a castle tower. Be ready for lots of photos!