2022 KIBF Performers and more!

Busk Stops are designated performance spots located throughout Riverside Park in high pedestrian traffic areas, open to a variety of entertainers with acts that do not have a distinct beginning or end.

There are 3 Busk Stops located within Riverside Park, these are open to anyone who wants to showcase their talent.

Rules of the Busk Stops:

  • No amplification – if you want an opportunity to be amplified please visit the info booth to put your name down for the Music Stop during one of our Open Mic sessions.

  • Please limit your time at each stop to 45 minutes – this provides everyone an opportunity to perform. 

  • Be respectful of the audience – the KIBF is an inclusive environment that welcomes everyone and we will not tolerate disrespectful behavior. 

  • Have fun – this is an open-minded audience who is here to experience new things, show them what you got!